Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Batter up!

So Noah started baseball and he is in a coach pitch league, which means you guessed it, the coaches pitch to the kids. He had his first game yesterday and he did really well. It got rained out after one time hitting through the team, but that is just baseball season for you. He loves this sport and we are very proud of you Noah.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What we did today

It was a beautiful day so after mowing our front lawn, (as you can tell we have not put in our backyard yet), the boys wanted to have a picnic outside. I love spring because it is a motivating time of year, for planting, weeding, mowing, and getting re-organized outside and in. I cant wait for more outside fun with our family this year, we just love being outdoors. To a lovely spring!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess who.....

IS 2?!?!

So we just celebrated Ryder's 2nd b-day. I am so sad my baby is already growing up. He LOVES the cows and going with Daddy to the cows everyday. He will go rain, snow, wind, or whatever, he has to go with Daddy daily to feed the cows hay or he freaks out. He got a tractor he rides on for Christmas and he now feeds the cows at home turning all my pillows, blankets, couch cushions and towels into haybails and he will throw them in a big pile for the cows to eat. This kid is hilarious, he is a natural cowboy. So when I found this backhoe cake on line I decided to make it for Ryder and of course he loved it and wanted to ride on it. We rented a jumping toy for the kids to play in at the church for his party. It was fun except Griffin was real sick so he had to sit this one out, all in all Ryder had a good party. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's about time!!

It's about time I update what is going on over here. My wonderful husband put in our closet organizers over Christmas break and boy do we love them. It was a bit more of a process than I think we both anticipated, but Rich is so good at handyman things and I feel so lucky to have a tool man! We have been done with our addition for about umm, 2-1/2 months and we just now can use our closets, wahooo. Oh yeah, and his side is just like mine, but more shelves and different hanging arrangments. We bought these at Homedepot and you have a few arrangments to choose from. So far we are really pleased with them. I would reccomend them. And here is a view of our room, and bathroom, but just know the color of our bathroom is a really pretty seafoam and not that ugly green color that our camera made it look. It is pretty lite and looks more like the last photo. Anyways enjoy, mi hermosa Rosa!

And guess what little boy turned 4? Yep, Griffin William. He was so cute with his long hair.
He is such a special part of our family. Griffin is one strong willed, silly, creative, lovable, brave, smart, adorable, funny, eager to learn new things, and something really sweet about this boy; Griffin just loves his brothers and wants to be just like his older brother Noah. In fact, if Griffin has already dressed himself for the day and then Noah gets dressed later, Griffin will have to change into something just like what Noah has on and is wearing. Also, if we want Griffin to eat something and he dosent like it, we just tell him, oh come on, Noah is eating it, and he will give in. He always wants to play guns or ride bikes and his new favorite activity, building Lego things, with his best friend Noah. It is so nice they can play together and most days it goes alright. But then we have our bad days and they fight like sibblings do, ending with tears and hurtful words like, "I dont want to play with you for five days then!" Oh how I love my boys! This is the only picture of his transformers cake we got, lousey huh? He had a transformer scene cake, I made it and the 4 and logo is made of marshmellow fondant, it is yummy. The guys were already taken off by this time. Oh well, and here is a nerf bow he got from us, all boy that Griffin.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No luck

Griffin sums up our recent photo shoot. We have no luck when it comes to family photos. I always sit in "awe" when I see all your adorable little family photos. Mine, well we never do them because I know how awful I am at photos, and then put three boys in the picture and good luck getting any one shot with us all looking decent. The day we did our pictures was day one of swine flu for our family. So I am blaming the flu on these ones.

This was picture retake day, and I like more of these ones then the flu day.

Ryder did the best photos, he was the one to shock me the most. I did not think he would give a good smile, but that he did on pretty much all of his. I love this little boy!

Their eyes give it away. They look like ill kids, but memories huh?

A special thanks to my good friend Brittney, who is an amazing photographer by the way. She is my sweet friend and she was ever so kind to agree to all of this. She probably regrets it, ha ha, but she was awesome and really tried hard to get us some good pictures. Little did she know what unphotogenic people she was about to photo shoot. I bet you will never forget us. You're the BEST Britt, thanks for everything!!